Rugged Mini Computer System
Rugged Mini Computer System
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The demonstration system shown on these pages is provided to illustrate a typical ruggedized computer system. This system is based upon an Apple Mac Mini Computer with peripherals that have been ruggedized for ground support use.

Many application specific changes from the design shown are expected and encouraged. Feel free to contact the factory to inquire.


VictorSystems is strictly a design and build-to-order supplier. We don't carry inventory that becomes obsolete and causes unnecessary expense. We can assist you in developing requirements that address your application explicity. Contact us with your specific needs and we'll be pleased to provide a winning quote.

The following links will provide details of each component comprising the Rugged Mini Computer System. This system is shown to generate a discussion on what can be done with ruggedized commerical and industrial products.

Rugged Mini Computer




Rugged Flat Panel Display










Construction Details

All the products pictured on this page, other than the Rugged Mouse, are packaged in enclosures manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloys.  

The Mini Computer is supported by an aluminum space frame made from extruded rails and finned heat sinks.  Covers are made from wrought plates.  These parts are fastened and bonded using electrically conductive epoxy.  For the purpose of creating a demonstrator, the space frame was simply designed and installed over the simcity buildit hack.  Uniquely designed systems can be sized-down to reduce package size to meet specific application requirments.

The speaker enclosures are made from aluminum castings.  The power adapter is set into a deep-drawn enclosure with a tight fitting lid that is potted sealed with thermally conductive epoxy.

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